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Host a fun workshop along the US west coast?

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Host a fun workshop along the US west coast?

Hi Folks!

I am a long-term, extremely grateful user of Warm Showers as well as the founder of a project called Beeyond a Bike.

Beginning in just a week, the Beeyond a Bike mobile shop will be riding down the West Coast of the USA - from Vancouver, Canada to Phoenix, Arizona. As I travel, I am offering workshops in bicycle repair (wheel building, tune ups, overhauling hubs of all sorts, etc) and presentations (bike touring including previous trips in Canada and Africa, Beeyond a Bike, etc). All events are by donation and funds raised will purchase tools for a high school bike program in South Africa. You can find more information here:

I have events already scheduled in a handful of communities, including Nanaimo BC, Bellingham WA, San Jose, San Diego and Los Angeles. I would love to visit your group and offer something valuable in your city! Events can be inclusive to all folks, but Beeyond a Bike is also happy to provide women/LGBTQ-specific or youth oriented workshops as well.

Please contact me at to join the fun and help facilitate a workshop or presentation near you, or to support in any other way! I'm so excited to meet you and look forward to connecting,

Cheers - Brenna