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Ride for Andrew

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Ride for Andrew


Hi - I’m a WS member currently cycling from Istanbul to North Wales along the EuroVelo Iron Curtain Trail (5,500km in about 56 days) with two friends in an entirely self-financed and unsupported (ie we’re carrying everything) trip. I’m raising money for support for/research into HyperIGM syndrome, from which my younger brother died last year.

You can read about this at

Donors receive a response that gives access to my daily illustrated blog that, now it’s halfway through the trip, is hopefully an interesting and informative travel diary.

All the money raised goes to the charity. For background, I’m retired and am 66years old (and to encourage others, it may be worth noting that I had a double hip replacement when I was 60).

Many thanks for considering this request.

Roger Thomas

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