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taking a break over my worries

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taking a break over my worries

Strangely, the " worries for our community changes " thread has just been locked. Since I fail to understand why I added the following to my profile:

> I am taking a break from hosting. At least for requests coming through this channel. If you find me on other hospex sites I am very happy to receive you (and almost certainly will.) The reason for this is that I am really frustrated with how the community has been treated recently by the people in charge of this site. I don't know how this all started but it appeared to me that valid questions had been raised on the forums. I would have been interested in learning more about the things discussed but instead of just letting the discussion go on, the administrators decided to lock down individual members or an entire thread. I understand that some people can see these discussions as a waste of their time. That's fine with me, just don't read it. But why censor when things are mostly polite, and no spamming was happening?

> I hope I can remove this paragraph in a few weeks again. In the meantime I am sorry that there are no active hosts in the Split area left at the moment.

I would be happy if someone could convince me that this is an unnecessary step to take. But I just don't understand what's going on here.

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Shocking, really

It may very well be that for any community discussion that is really free and open to occur, something which I think at this point is absolutely essential to the health of Warmshowers, or whatever other name it eventually moves forward under, that it will have to take place on some other forum free from the heavy hand of one-sided censorship from representatives of the apparently now wholly unaccountable board.

I had been somewhat optimistic that the thoughtful comments from a good cross section of the community would strengthen any healthy elements on the board and invite a considered reply. But considering the only reply was a bureaucratic non-reply from Ken, I now see that hope was misplaced.

Really, is the board so blind to think that simply locking threads and blocking accounts one by one will solve this issue? I now see that it reflects something more fundamental in the disconnect between the board and the community, which implies also a disconnect between the goals of the board and the community.

Resolving issues like these are *hard*. But they cannot be achieved without, first and foremost, empowering the community (even if they have to empower themselves, and if necessary, retake control by forging a new organization). I truly hope it doesn't come to this, because it represents immense wasted labor, unnecessary fracture of personal and professional relationships, and significant damage to the community. But so does what's currently going on.

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