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End of WS-membership

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End of WS-membership

Everything ends somewhere, sometime. Being members for rather long time we have decided to quit our WS-membership soon.

Although we are still cycling around with packed bikes through various countries every year and regularly camp in a small tent, our life is changing.  We are getting older and slower, a grand-child keeps us busy and more activities seem to fill our lives. Time to make more choices and convert money into experiences. 

It was a pleasure to host, to meet foreign cyclists during all those years and take part in some discussions at the forum. Thanks to all those who reacted. Not only the ones who agreed with my/our contributions. Also the members who had quite opposite opinions: thanks for writing your points of view. Never to old to learn.

Because we regularly have interesting personal contact with members through the profile messages, we keep our membership open for one, last week. 

Rest us to say: keep on moving with sun or rain, head-or tailwind, enjoy every km. 


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End of WS-membership

Hi Peter,

hate to see you go. I was actually looking forward to visiting you one day. I've been a member of WS for over 20 years, hosted a dozen, but never asked to be housed. Your profile and input is great. I like the way you don't stand for nonsense and plain speaking. If you ever think about coming to Poland, I'd be glad to host you.

all the best 

Robert Mink

Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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