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Make the site/app more fun?

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Make the site/app more fun?

I suggest that when we look at the profile of a traveller we get to see his/her/their current position (if they want to make it public tht is) like in  

Some travellers contact without saying much about themselves, their trip even, and only ask for hosting. Their profile often is not well written either. The best travellers have at least a website, and a lot of info on their profile. For security reasons I have to have a less opoen profile but i share a lot in private emails both as guest/host.

Maybe when a guest sends a letter to be hosted tehre can be an automatic reminder of how to make a good application like a list of things he/she/they can consider like a reminder

Write a good hosting request!

- Did you read carefully the host's description aknowledge it in your application letter

- Apologize if you do not meet the host's request for how many days ahead he/she/they want to be asked to host a guest

- Offer some info about you: Website/facebook/polarsteps/blog, each link help the host even more to trust you,  Not just a telephone and name. Keeing a blog goes a long long way to present you and make the host trust you as he/she/they get a glimpse of who you are better in a blog than a single email.

- Offer a telephone that a host can reach you aside internet and explain if you will have internet and can asnwer or not within a day. 

- Consider meeting the host and not asking hosting if you dont really need hosting, that can also be rewarding for both.


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