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Female Saddle recommendations.

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Female Saddle recommendations.


Would love any recommendations/experiences about which saddle is most comfortable for a female for a tour. My saddle on my last tour was unberable at some points. 



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My Brooks Flyer S was heaven

I was really worried about my saddle choice ahead of my first 3 week tour in hot weather. In the end I decided to stick with my Brooks Flyer S and I was completely comfortable the entire tour. In the past I had ridden with it tilted too far up, which caused some chafe, but after correcting that the rest of that short tour was absolutely fine from the very next day. I know that Brooks are not for everyone, and you do have to "break" it in (although I didn't actually have any uncomfortable period), but I had an awesome experience.

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Brooks’ B17 (perhaps the most

Brooks’ B17 (perhaps the most popular touring saddle) has a female version.

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Thanks all!

Thanks all!

I am debating between the B17 S or the Flyer S, but still no decisions yet! I still need to decied which one would be suit the riding I will do because I think both are good :)