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Email v Web messaging

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Email v Web messaging

I'm a truck driver here in Australia and I spend a fair bit of time away from my hometown in places with poor 3G data connections. It's a real pain having to log in to the WS website in order to respond to an accommodation request. I have been a WS host for many years and have been actively promoting the list for a long time. From time to time I have also donated to offset the site's running costs. After waiting for the site to load on my iPhone for ten minutes today in order to respond to an accommodation request, I feel like unsubscribing. In the past inquiries would come via email and I'd send a quick response either affirming or rejecting the request. It took little time and was convenient in my part of the world where mobile data communications are patchy. Why is it that we can't simply reply by email? I wouldn't mind if it's routed through the site but I hate having to log in and navigate around this site on a mobile phone, the site is not designed for mobile use.

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Highest priority

Hi Peter - Thanks so much for your hospitality and your patience (and your financial support)!

First, you should receive an email with the full contents of any private message you receive. If you're not getting those, your spam filter may be overactive. Second, most people (except yahoo users) can generally reply to those (they are currently "reply-to" to the sender) and the message will get to the correspondent.

Finally, creating a new mail routing system where all mail will go through the site is our highest development priority this year. We want to do what Facebook and other sites do, where you can reply by email but the message goes back to the site's messaging system.

The new private messaging system has actually been a pretty big boon for a lot of members for several reasons, but I certainly understand your frustration, and as I say, it's our highest priority for this year. As you know, we only have a couple of volunteer developers who try to squeeze in some evenings and weekends on this. (I did spend all day yesterday on this exact project, and made some progress!)

Again, thanks!

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Hi Randy
Thanks for the tip. I was confused because emails that arrive have the sender name "" which I assumed (for some silly reason) meant that I could not reply via email. From now on I'll just reply via email.

Say thanks to the volunteers. You're doing a great job and providing me and my friends with fantastic experiences meeting world travellers.


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No reply

I recently originated a private message via the site. I got an email back from the person. I have a private email account (not yahoo).

After a couple of days with no response to my reply to the person's reply (my second sent message), I logged on to WS to see if I had actually sent it and noticed it had not been "sent". I dug up the original reply and noticed the noreply part of my notification email.

My point is, while the system is a work in progress, the noreply is NOT limited to yahoo users only. You MAY get notifications but you MAY still have to reply via the website.

Happy Trails! John

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Replying directly to email does not go through the site

Just FYI: Currently, when you reply directly to one of those email notifications, the email does *not* go through the site - the correspondent's email address pops up in your email client and you send directly to them. This is less than optimal, because people can't find their correspondence on the site, and for some reason it fails regularly with yahoo and one or two minor providers.

So when you replied, it's most likely that your email *did* get to the person. However, they may or may not have seen it, and a reply of this type is more likely to go into a person's spam folder (because they've never handled mail directly from you before). That's the whole reason we've moved to the web-based email - it was impossible to prevent spam folders from getting ahold of replies as they get more and more aggressive.

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I don't get email messages when I get a message on warmshowers

I just got an email message this past week saying I needed to update my account, and I logged on and saw that I had five messages requesting overnight stays that are months to years old. I'm not going to pick up the habit of logging in to the website every day to check, and I am not getting the messages at my email address (although obviously the warmshowers site has my correct address). What can I do to avoid being the non-responsive member in the future?

(I'll try to remember to log in to this early next week to see what kind of responses I've gotten)

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*Every* message on the site

*Every* message on the site generates a notification message, which comes from and to your registered email address. Please make sure that you have whitelisted on your email account.

I'll send you a message via the site right now. Please respond to it.


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