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System Messages

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System Messages

Can you please tak all these copnfirmation messages out? They drive me crazy,it's too much clicking.
Thank you. Regards Hans

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I don't like those either.

I don't like those either. The reason we do it that way is that so many people don't see messages at all.

But if you'll list here the specific messages that annoy you the most maybe we can remove some of them.


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Sytem messages

I get a mail with a message, mostly I already have read the message that has been written.
Then I click on the link, to run into sysmsg1: not logged on.... why not? giv me a cookie and silenly let me get into my profile.
Or.... end up in the login page, without this sysmsg1.

Being 'inside'I get sysmsg2: you have one unread message. That is not true. I read my mail.:)
Fun is, tat I land on the open message,but after clicking on the sysmsg2, I go to the page that lists my messages and I have to open the messaeg that was open in teh first place.
So, genereally I think you need a little redesign of your flow.
I have been designing programs and systems all my life (40 years) so, I know a little about it.
And any click more then absolutely needed is an anoyance in a flow.

Maybe try yourself.;)

I understand that you are a small volunteergroup doing this work, so no offenses if you don't change. I think feedback is still important.
Although I have programming experince I will not be a volunteer in your group.I changed focus to other things now. :D

All the best, Hans

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Click the "Remember me" checkbox

First, when you log in, click the "Remember me" checkbox, and you won't have to do the username and password dance every time.

We're always happy to have feedback, of course, and this isn't the slickest possible private messaging interface in the world. It is, however, the only one available out of the box for the version of Drupal we run on. We've made a number of changes around the edges to allow the 3 mobile apps to use it and to customize the email that gets generated, but haven't even thought about changing the UI itself.

I was thinking that you were talking about trying to hide some of the messages which pop up, which might be possible, but instead you seem to be critiquing the basic usability of the module. I think it might be possible to suppress some of the messages that show on the screen, but I know we'll never redesign the code to provide a completely different user experience.

Our key goal for this year though is to get all email replies to go through the site, so all your email would be *on* the site, but you could do any interaction through your own email. It's an ambitious goal and one that many have asked for.

Thanks for the ideas, and followup with specific messages suppression ideas would be welcome.

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