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1000k NL-BE-FR and back

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1000k NL-BE-FR and back

Hallo Bikepackers, 

I am planning my first bikepacking "adventure" at the end of July this year. I will start in the Netherlands (the Hague) and go through Belgium to France when I will spend some days with my friends and then come back to the Netherlands. 

Therefore I am looking for hosts in the areas of: Brugge/Oostende, Amiens, Saint-Quentin (FR), Brussel and Breda. There are more cities where I will stop but I've already found hosts there. I've also sent some PMs to the users and I am waiting for their responses. I will be travelling light so I will need an inside sleeping spot (I am not taking any tent or sleepingbag). 

If you want to join me on any part of the route, feel free! I am planning to cycle between 100 and 150km a day with the average speed between 25-30km/h depending on the weather conditions. 

Questions and advices are always welcome! 

Greetings, Karolina 

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