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Maps/mapquest directions

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Maps/mapquest directions

Hello. My name is Naji. I'm planning on touring from Chicago, IL. to New york city.
I'm planning on touring the country, getting a photograph of Manhattan Henge and staying with my older sister in New York city.

My one problem is maps and directions.

Should I bring directions with me? I'm about to print out my bike route from Chicago to New York. But I'm worried. How am I gonna follow directions while riding a bike? or is there some special trick to it? Or should I get a detailed map? Where do I get state maps from?

Whenever I see, watch a video or read about bike touring. I never see anyone holding a map or following directions that they printed from map quest.

Help please. :-D

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maps etc

I always cycle with maps - never cycle trying to read one though - that's a recipe for a disaster. I just stop and check where I am going on the map - yes it means in an unfamiliar place I may have to stop at junctions regularly, but if cycle touring, what's the rush? Better to check than get lost.

The other bonus with maps that you don't get with GPS etc, is you have wider options to look at should you need to - say a road is closed for maintenance, you want to get off a main highway and use quiet back roads, or if you go somewhere like a river estuary believing there to be a ferry point, and there is not, you can work out how to get to a road over it.

I would say definately buy maps - although we have very detailed maps in the UK, I have used a AA road map book covering the whole country - took out the sheets I needed, and then had overview maps. You should be able to get the maps you need in the USA and maybe able to order them prior on line.

This is a useful site re cycling in the USA

Am in the UK so unsure re where you may buy maps, but would expect a decent book store to stock them, plus some countries if an AA member you can get them free. Maybe whatever your equivalent to a local council office/state office may be able to advise, or ring up a company that produces maps in the USA and ask for advice

I would never leave home without maps!

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the recommendation. Although some of the state maps are a bit pricey. It definitely seems to be worth it if it makes the trip safer and more enjoyable.

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maps etc

View it as a long term investment for your next rides into those states :0)

They also will lead you off to beaten track to places you may not otherwise have gone to, as they will have places of interest and backroads to explore on them.

Enjoy the ride

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I made a very inexpensive waterproof map holder using instructions from the internet:

I used it over 4 days and it rained on one of those days. It worked perfectly. The only modification I made was to reinforce the baggy with sealing tape where you're cutting the slits to thread the velcro holders through.

Hope you have a fun adventure!

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