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Cycling the Danube - Romania/Bulgaria

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Cycling the Danube - Romania/Bulgaria

Attempting this ride from the Black Forest to the Black Sea in September. My main concern are the stray dogs in Romania & Bulgaria. Are they as bad as reported and do you need rabies vaccination before said trip.of. Is the Bulgarian Velo 6 easily navigated on bicycles. Many thanks 

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There are mainly two kinds of

There are mainly two kinds of dogs in Romania: village dogs that laze outside houses, and shepherd dogs in more remote areas.

The first group will bark and chase you a bit, until you have moved on past their territory, but they are harmless. You should slow down a bit when you see them, because going super-fast (like 25 kph fast) might make them aggressive. However, just ignore them and they will soon tire of you and go back to where they started from.

Shepherd dogs require more caution. They are trained to react to movement, so you should stop and dismount, and wait for the shepherd to call them back. Once you are standing still, they will continue to loudly bark – mainly to get the shepherd’s attention – but they won’t actually attack or anything.

When I was a WS host in Romania, many of my guests would express fear about the dogs on the road, but it was completely unnecessary. I’ve cycled thousands of kilometers within Romania and, knowing what I have written above, I have never been the least afraid.

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Many Thanks

Hi Christopher - many thanks for your comments. Nice to hear it from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Shall certainly heed your advice and enjoy the ride. Was reluctant to get rabies vaccine and will certainly now not bother.

Appreciate your time and advice.  Warmest regards.  Kate

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