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Looking for a bicycle 59cm in Normandie

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Looking for a bicycle 59cm in Normandie

Hello warmshowers friends! I will be in Granville, south of Normandy, west of France. And I will be looking for a nice second hand bicycle for my next trip between Bretagne and south of the country at the end of august. Maybe you have some ideas for me, it will be a pleasure to discuss with you about that. My intention is to sell this bicycle at the end of my trip because I already have one at home used by a friend of mine. Thank you for your tips and for reading me. Wish you good trips and not a lot of wind! Olga.

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Maybe at Guidoline (in Rouen)


Hello, it depends on where you want to buy, in Rouen you can find used bikes in Guidoline. Otherwise the ideal is to look on a site selling second-hand stuff:

good trip!

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