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Summer 2014 Black to Black family of 5.

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Summer 2014 Black to Black family of 5.

We plan to fly to Istanbul and then cycle from the Black Sea to the Black Forrest. We plan to start in April 2014 and end in July 2014. We have 3 children. The youngest will be 8 and in a tod bike attached to a bike. We are wondering if we should by bikes in Istanbul or do we fly our bikes in? I just saw that Lufthansa asks 100euro per bike. We live in Cape Town, SA. Do anyone have advice about cycling along the Danube? How is path in Hungary and further east? Thanks!

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Summer 2014 Black to Black family of 5.

better bring your bikes. you may not find the right size and equipment in istanbul. and even if it costs more. you can get much better prices in europa and choices. besides you should test your equipment before leaving for a long trip.

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flying bikes

I would take your own bikes - you know what you are getting.

100 Euros isn't bad for a charge per bike, and I'd say it's what most airlines would charge. I'm going to have to pay about that for my bike with BA (boxed in cardboard box from bike shop) as it goes as an extra piece of luggage and an overweight item charge too as it's over 23kg. It'd cost you a lot more to buy yourselves bikes when you get somewhere plus you may not be able to get anything that's any good for what you want to do.

You could check other airlines but think you will find it's pretty much the same.

I have managed to get two bikes into the one box by breaking them both down substantially, so you could try that and then you would only be charged for the one item as an extra item. I don't have to take any more tools than I would take normally with the exception of one bottom bracket tool for the mountain bike.

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bicycleshop Istanbul

Whow, sounds like a great trip with your children!

I think bringing your own bikes will be the best. And the idea of doing more in one box, either (with the smaller bikes from your children,maybe it's possible)

I case you still want to try the bicycle(s) in Istanbul and/or need help with the bicycles you will bring, maybe it's usefull to take contact with this

The "vakantiefietser" is a travel-bicycle shop in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
They recently opened a shop in Istanbul, too.
I think they don't sell second hand bicycles, so then bringing your own will be cheaper, too.
And I don't know the quality of the other shops in Istanbul.

Good luck!


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I've been cycling along the

I've been cycling along the Danube in Serbia in 2011 and I would not advice to do it with children. The eastern part is very beautiful but there is a lot of trafic. You have to share the road with all the trafic. After Belgrado, sometimes you have a nice cycling path, but other times you have only the main road or a sandy path

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trip from Budapest to Belgrado

Hello Johanna,

I´ve just read your comment. I´m starting a trip from Budapest to Belgrado and my only concern is the traffic. Do you have any recommendation? Thanks.


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the cycle path in Hungary is good and well marked...

And of course, all the way thru Austria and Germany it is as well.
I've been flying with my bike forever, and have only had to pay 100 Euros ONCE, and that was this summer.
Different airlines have different rates. I always take the bike fee into account before booking the flight.

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