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Cycle gear

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Cycle gear

Hello everyone.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm well aware of what the right cycling shoes can do. Stopping feet from sliding all over the pedals. But what do bike short do? Does they have anything to do with getting rid of soreness in the nether regions? If they do please let me know. I'm experiencing soreness unlike I used to when I wasn't cycling for long distances.

I've got helmet, pads, gloves but it looks like there's more that I need. (I'm a rookie)

Thanks in advance.

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bike shorts

dumb q's...never. Cycling shorts have an insert (unlike running shorts) that prevent (reduce) friction between the saddle and your bits.

If your uncomfortable it could be due to a number of things:-

1. Not used to it (your sitting on muscles that will toughen up with repeated exposure)
2. Saddle may not be level and or correct bike set up. If your handlebars are too high your weight is more on your rear end than taking some on your arms.
3. No shorts!
4. Riding on flat roads, staying in the saddle for prolonged periods will make you sore. Try to remember to get out of saddle every 15-20mins.

Hope this helps....

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Bike fit

I have to agree with making sure you're fit to your bike properly. That will have a huge effect on your body.

You don't necessarily need bike shorts but they do help. One major reason they help is there is no seam running down the middle of the crotch and back up the back. That seam can be VERY irritating in all the wrong places.

If you can find shorts or long pants that have a gusset you likely won't need bike shorts (as long as your underwear is also seamless). Take a look at the short Rivendell offers -

Some people swear by chamois cream, a lubricant spread on the padding in bike shorts. It tends to work its way through the pad and get on everything you sit on if you're not careful during application.

Occasionally standing while pedaling is good. It gets the weight off your tender bits and provides an opportunity to stretch your leg muscles, arms, back, and neck.

And, finally, with time you'll toughen up! ;-)

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Chamois cream!

I would second the chamois cream point made above - it worked brilliantly for me when doing daily 70 miles for two weeks last year - you don't need a lot - but just rub it into the skin 'underneath' and you will be much happier - it has an anti-microbial effect and really helps - I used the Assos cream - a little expensive but the best

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Chamois cream!

This was with cycling shorts with a pad - but I didn't put any cream on the pad - you can get either lycra shorts or MTB baggy shorts with a pad build in - or use undershort liners with a pad and then your normal shorts over the top of these -

To be honest if you are doing many miles on roads lycra cycling shorts are far and away the best type - less wind drag, dry quickly after rain and don't get uncomfortable when wet, unlike normal cotton or similar 'regular' shorts which will rub excessively when wet and as lycra vents more easily they can be used for more days if you are away from washing facilities...which also matters in avoiding soreness down there!

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Agree, put cream on skin not shorts.

Final point...different saddles suit different people. However most people will be more comfortable on a narrower saddle than they think. (Wider the saddle more contact with inner thigh etc)

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Hi Padded shorts definitely


Padded shorts definitely make long rides more comfortable, as will the right saddle - a harder saddle is better for long distances than a soft, so-called comfy one as it keeps the weight off the 'plumbing' in your nether regions.

A good quality cream such as Assos is not only soothing, but also anti-bacterial and some say slightly anasthetic - I know it worked for me on charity rides from London to Paris!

Finally a point no-one has yet made: if you are wearing padded cycling shorts, don't wear anything between you and the pad. That will completely negate the benefit of both padded shorts and cream.

Hope you solve your problem,

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Firm saddles are the only way for many hours...brooks leather such as b17 are the best in my opinion. ..have them on all bikes and will never go near gel saddles ...they just rub after a while

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Power grips

Easy way to hold your feet in place without use of cleats or clip in pedals is Power Grips sold by Rivendell, Walnut Creek, CA USA check out their web site

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I've been riding long

I've been riding long distances since I was a kid. I've ridden in every thing from jeans to riding shorts. I prefer leggings at the moment. It probably depends on where your going and what's comfortable for you personally. There's no rules you have to have this or that. It's common sense. Wear whatever you think you need. You'll learn as you go along and experience different conditions and terrains what you need, what's comfortable and, what's practical.


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the ? was,'' Stopping feet from sliding all over the pedals'' so I recommended the 1st easy choice power grips

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