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2018 Annual Report

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2018 Annual Report

In reading the annual report, I found it odd that the finances were not more explicitly covered in the report.  Working backwards from the percentages in the pie chart and various other comments in the report, this seems to be the current financial status of Warm Showers.


DONATIONS in 2018    130,000.00

ADMIN                             -4,378.00

TECH                             -41,630.00

FUNDRAISING                -2,341.00

OPERATIONS              -61,144.00

2018 SURPLUS             20,507.00

ENDING BALANCE       88,819.00

Every expenditure was explained in the report except the largest one - Operations.  Can one of the board members delineate this item in more detail?

The report purports to be for FY 2018, but references expenses related to the hacking issues that users were notified about in May of 2019.  What period of time does this report cover?

I appreciate everyone's efforts to keep Warm Showers functional.  Without a working app, I'm not sure this is feasible.  As Pieter Kuiper commented in another post, the commitment to a functional app in the report seems vague at best. 

Further comments from the board would be extremely helpful.



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