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Find Volunteers

Hi Warmshowers community,

We are doing the non profit bicycle project Pikala. it is very inspiring to share our hospitality with the travelers and to hear about their lives and travel stories.
The reason I am posting here is because we are looking for bicycle mechanics to volunteer with us, to make our project grow and to increase technical knowledge in Morocco, and also for them to develop and improve their bicycle mechanic skills. And since the platform has a lot of bicycle lovers/mechanics involved all over the world, we thougt it'be a good idea to share this here to find people that culd be keen to join us.
Are you interested to volunteer with us? or do you know someone who would be interested to share their mechanic  skills, experiences and expertise with us!  It would be amazing to hear if there are some options. 
Should you find yourself interested, please contact us:
We are reacheable through :
Whatsapp: +212 6 84 91 39 15
Thanks a lot!
The Pikala Team

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Hoi Chantal,


misschien is het een idee dit ook op te zetten




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