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France touring questions

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France touring questions

I am planning on touring France this next month, doing about 1000 miles in two weeks and stealth camping. Some questions:
1) Suggested route - maybe including other countries?
2) Will the language be a big barrier (I have just started self-studying French)?
3) Any ideas for connecting with Warm Shower hosts (given the language difference and I will not be traveling with internet access)?
4) Any other general travel suggestions?
Thanks in advance for you input.

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france in summer

there are long canals following rivers that are nice to follow. from Brest to Nantes, from Bordeaux to Sète.....
in Normandie and UK there is "tour de la manche" following the coast.
some eurovelo routes also cross france and go to other countries.
going to another country will make you pass by mountains (except belgium)

locals will understand if you ask for directions, food..... if you want to talk about the book you read :/

warmshower members speak english.
in small towns where internet cafes are tricky to find, there are usually pubilc phones on squares, at the post office, in cafes...

the south of france is hot to cycle until september and there are mosquitos.
there will be -a lot- more people south-east of france.

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1000 miles and you only want to stay in France?

I'd hit as many countries as you can -- much more picturesque that way.
Also, you will find out soon that cycling in a country like Germany or Switzerland is a lot nicer than France b/c they have way more dedicated cycle trails.
My 2 cents...

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