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Zuricher, coming back from a 4 year world tour, i am looking to work !

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Zuricher, coming back from a 4 year world tour, i am looking to work !

Grüezi !

My name is Kevin.

Okay, so I am here for one reason, well probably two, or more.. the first one would be my bike and the second would be a girl (or the other way around haha). Last March, during my little 4 year bicycle trip around the world, I stayed in Cusco, Peru where I stumbled upon a Zuricher and we matched instantly. We met a couple days later, something sparkled, we later met again in La Paz, Bolivia and an other time in Filandia, Colombia. We were lucky enough to have similar routes, see our paths cross that many times and give us the opportunity to get to know each other better. We went on our separate ways for 3 months, time for me to cycle spain, Portugal and finally make me way back home in the french French alps. She was there, waiting for me on a bicycle, ready to ride by my side the last 20km of my little world tour. We since have been seeing each other as much as we could. But her living in Zurich and me in Annecy isn't a relationship we'd imagined ourselves be living. So here I am, trying to move to Zurich to get closer to the person that puts oil on my chain.

I am looking for a job in Zurich and thought that maybe, here, would be a great place to start (a smooth transition from longterm touring to settling down). I am from France (no one is perfect) and do not speak German (yet), i master english and have a decent Spanish.

I have two bachelors, one in mechanical engineering and another one as a product developer in the outdoor sports industry. I have had many different jobs during my travels and I am always ready for new experiences.

I am not looking for a specific job. I am a hard worker, dedicated and down to earth. I am a problem solver and a builder. I have a good understanding of marketing, design and art, and I specialize in R&D and production. I can be a good link between those different fields. I am passionate about computer-aided design and love seeing a product going from theory to reality.

I am regularly coming to Zurich for the weekend and I am free to meet up if you want to know more about me or just chat over coffee or something.

Kevin Moreaux.

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