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Hello, I am a canadian currently solo cycle touring in France and the next leg of my journey will be from Grenoble to Paris. Just wondering if anyone has a good route recommendation, must-see places, etc. I'm mostly a fan of small villages and countryside, preferring mainly to avoid large cities.

Also happy to have company if anybody feels like joining me for a day or two!

Bonjour, je suis une cycliste canadienne faisant seule un peu le tour de la France. Prochaine étape: Grenoble-Paris, et j'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un a bien des recommandations pour la meilleure route, choses à ne pas manquer, etc. Je préfère la plupart du temps rester en campagne et dans les petites villages, les grandes villes ne m'intéressent pas autant.

En plus, si quelqu'un souhaite me rejoindre en route pour un petit bout, vous êtes les bienvenues!

Merci, thanks!


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Hi Olivia

Lucky you. I've just returned from France and could have easily stayed longer had work not beckoned..try this website for ideas.

We cycled a veloroute most of the way from Le Mont St. Michel on Brittany to Roscoff and on the whole it was very well signposted saving on map reading and leading us to some amazing towns and villages. The Breton coast is beautiful if a little busy in places and there some great municipal campsites to be found along the route EV4

The Vercors is an area of outstanding natural beauty that I'd urge anyone visiting France and wishing to get off the beaten track to visit see fir ideas and location. I'd also recommend the Jura and Vosges mountains if you get chance to venture over towards the Swiss border during your trip before heading on to Paris.

Bon chance et bon courage!


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going through bourg en bresse?

If you happen to go through bourg en bresse, I can host you, except Saturdays and Sundays as I am near Annecy so leave me a message if you need some help.
Au revoir

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Thanks Mary for the great

Thanks Mary for the great website, and thank you Maryse for your kind offer! Alas it seems I will be passing near Bourg-en-Bresse right over the weekend, so I guess you will be away.

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