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Cycling east coast USA help needed !

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Cycling east coast USA help needed !

Hi , im new to this group ( and fairly new to touring) .Im flying from the UK in april to cycle Maine- Miami solo on a budget . Im really struggling to find campsites along the way and those i find are the same price as motels . Ive got Hostels booked in the big major cities but need some where to put my tent up along the way . Earlier this year i cycled San Fransisco - San Diego and there were regular biker/hike campsites in state parks charging $5-$10 a night , but these seem non existant on the east coast .i will be riding a route that is a combination of the East Coast Greenway and the Adventure Cycle route .  I would appreciate ANY help i can get between New York and Miami . Fellow cyclist recomended joining Warmshowers , and so i did . my rough estimation is NY-DE last week april ,  DE-VA 1st week may , VA-NC 2nd week may , NC-GA 3 week may , GA-FL 4th week may . Fly back from Miami 30th may . Hopefully if im ahead of schedual i want to make Key West.

..... If anyone is interested in my California ride its on youtube

thanks for any offers or advise i get Shane

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