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looking for bicycle seat recommendations

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looking for bicycle seat recommendations

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a new bicycle seat, as my current one is really uncomfortable. I can't decide on which type to get. I use my bicycle for touring and for daily use (I only have one bicycle), and occasionally for some road-bike-style rides (though I have a hybrid).

Which kind of seat would you recommend?



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Hi Pablo.

Hi Pablo.

There is no universal reponse at your request.

To choose a new saddle the first thing, is to mesure the distance of your sit bones (see for example Usual mistake is to have a large saddle and a narrow pelvis (or reverse).

If you wear a bib short you could prefer a "hard touch" one and if not a more little softy one.

Another thing to considert is the "level" of the saddle, "nose up / nose down" (see for example

As a saddle can be confotable for a person and can't for another person, bike shops sometimes lend saddles to customers for a try.






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bicycle seat recommendations

I have been riding since 1971 and used many different saddles. I have a Brooks Professional which is 35 years old and is still good. I recently tried a B17 and a Brooks with springs. Niether were as good as the original Brooks, although it had to be broken in for approimately 2000 miles befor it was anywhere near comfortable

Selle Anatomica is now my go to seat. They don't need any breaking in and they are the most comfortable and pain-free saddles I have ever ridden.  They have just started selling a new version with a rubber top, which I will buy because it does not have to be protected from rain, which when touring will be an absolute no brainer. Always get professional bike fit advice from a good bike shop if you can, correct fit will save you a lot of grief.

Good luck, Barry

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