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algeria, april / may 2020

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algeria, april / may 2020

i'm planning a bike trip from tunisi to casalanca, next spring. my main concerns are about algeria. can you give me tips or travel experience? my road map is mainly on the coast, avoiding inside areas or mountains. you can write me on STEMEL59@LIBERO.IT.




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Hi ! Between avril and may 2020, it's ramadan so it will be like death in the day, no restaurants, no shops... if you drink in front of somebody, it can be interpretes like a "no-respect"... consider it

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merci sasha. mais je pense

merci sasha. mais je pense that the main problem is not ramadan. i'm asking if there is any freedom of moving in the country, if i can get the very selective visa.
i've received news about police oppressive controls on the borders, of bikers with an armed escort all along the way etc.
have you any travel experience in algeria?

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