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Family travelling by bicycle ( Sharing with other dreamers )

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Family travelling by bicycle ( Sharing with other dreamers )

Hello, we are Lucio, Elizabeth and Bautista, an Argentine family that one day decided to make a dream come true and together with a bicycle we started a long journey. 

Today it has been 3 years and 8 months since this adventure began, we have visited wonderful places, we have known the love of people and it has also helped us to know our inner world, a world where thanks to fantasy our dreams come true.


The reason for this mail is to give those who still dream strength.​

I invite you to organize a meeting together, where we will share our journey. Those interested in sharing write to me at my e-mail address:


Note: At the moment I am travelling alone as we have decided that our son should rest this winter.


I don't know when I will arrive in your city, at this moment I am in Italy, near Rome. My route will be the Eurovelo 5 to Basel and from there I will continue on the Eurovelo 15 to the Netherlands and then down to Belgium.


Our Instagram:


Greetings, everyone.


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