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2 bikes (Kona Sutra) for sell in New Zealand

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2 bikes (Kona Sutra) for sell in New Zealand

Hello cycling world!

We're selling our touring bikes bought in spring 2018 for our summer NZ tour. We actually just did 2 000 km with them.

It makes us sad to sell them. We originally planned to take them on our flight back to Europe but it turned out to add too much weight to our luggage allowance. We dismantled and packed them and said to ourselves we'll find a solution to send them but we simply cannot find a cost-effective solution. They are thus stuck in NZ, in our friend's garage. 

Bike #1 is a 52cm Kona Sutra 2018 edition (dark blue).

Bike #2 is a 54cm Kona Sutra 2019 edition (light blue). 

You can have a look on the internet to see full specs. Otherwise don’t hesitate to ask questions! 

Things to know :

  • Saddles : Bearing in mind that they just went through 2 000km, the brooks saddles are still in a very good shape. We can say we’ve kind of prepared the seats for you, having started to soften the leather. They are now very confortable and will become even more confortable with you. 
  • General condition : we packed them without necessarily cleaning them (we planned to do it once back home!). Potential buyers must expect dust and maybe a chain that will need some treatment to gain fluidity back. One or two little pieces of plastic to attach the wires to the frame may be missing. 
  • Bike #1 misses the plastic mudflap of the front fender and the plastic cover of one gear shifter. 
  • Bike #1 comes with Shimano t421 spd pedals
  • Bike #2 misses the inner screw and rings of the handlebar : can easily be found in a bike shop. It also misses the little screws for the fenders and maybe for the saddle. (I had the silly idea to take them in my luggage).
  • Bike #2 misses pedals
  • Bike #1 and Bike #2 come with an extra front Tubus Tara pannier rack.
  • Ortlieb bags not included.
  • Each bike is currently dismantled and packed in a solid cardboard box that could easily be shipped.
  • Bikes are based in Whangarei, Northland
  • Every reasonable offer will be considered. 


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touring bike for sale

Hello;   I'm Dale from Canada and  currently in Australia.  I am considering a bike ride through New Zealand and saw you wre selling your bikes.  Do you have nay idea of what you want for them and also what about panniers and other gear.  Currently I have nothing with me (everything is back home).   Just a general inquiry.   Thanks for any info.   Dale

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Your Kona Sutra bikes

Hi, I am Paul - from New Zealand. Are your Kona bikes still in NZ and for sale ? 


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