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Anyone on the ground in Iran / Pakistan

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Anyone on the ground in Iran / Pakistan

Hi. I am planning to cycle through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan (maybe) to India. I have heard bad things about Pakistan and the Balochistan region. I ahve also heard that Taliban are active in border regions. Has anyone been across the border recently and how bad is it? Alternatives include doing the Stans and China, boat to India or flying (ahhhh nooo)!!

Also anyone has tips on the best way to get into Istanbul on the bike - much appreciated.

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To Istanbul From West,27.26467+to:Meserburnu+Cd&hl=tr&geocode=FTYsfAIdZ9aVAQ%3BFa5rfAIdngagASmlWo0SnqygQDHA9Ny9g6-Bgw%3BFdEldAId5167AQ&sll=41.273678,28.031616&sspn=2.278888,4.938354&dirflg=w&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=8&via=1&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=41.273678,28.031616&spn=2.278888,4.938354,28.859711&sspn=0.586465,1.352692&geocode=FTYsfAIdZ9aVAQ%3BFdEldAId5167AQ&dirflg=w&mra=ltm&t=m&ll=41.271614,28.02887&spn=1.170439,2.705383&source=embed

You can use routes like the ones above when going in the city. Just stay away from D100/E80, I haven't met a single cyclist who enjoyed that highway. Stick to the northern route you'll be much better. The links i added are neither perfect nor have cycling lines, in fact they are longer but less busy. Once you reach Bosphorus around Sariyer, just cycle all the way near Bosphorus line to the old town, to south. Btw, you can take the ferry from Sarıyer even though they are not much common.

Before i forget, i haven't got a single idea about the situation in these countries.

Ride safely.

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Thanks Fatih and I ended up

Thanks Fatih and I ended up taking the d100!!! you are right it was awful. I missed your advice im afraid...

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Do you have your visas

Do you have your visas already? Pakistan visas are usually only issued in your home country.

(Some very few people had luck in Kashgar, but that's the only other place i've heard about.)

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Im hoping ot pick one up in

Im hoping ot pick one up in goes! where is kashagar?

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In Western China, near the

In Western China, near the border of Pakistan/Kyrgyzstan.

Good luck, let people know if you are able to. You should contact the Pakistanese embassy in Iran in advance to see if it's possible.

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another rider to Pakistan / India


this man is on the similiar way:

Maybe You can talk with him. He is seldom online.

Regards Sebastian

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