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Wuhan Virus effect on hosting.

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Wuhan Virus effect on hosting.

Planning a Pacific Crest ride for this season, I have postponned it to the late summer to give reactions to the virus time to work out.  I would think hosts are much more reluctant to have visitors in their home until things appear more under control.  Riders are more apt to be spending their pedaling away from crowds and places of transmission but any stranger is still suspect.  On the other hand, B&Bs, motels and campgrounds may see price declines.  I'm going to wait and see.  Maybe this summer will be spent at home.

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No way, Jose :-)

I‘m only a few weeks away from finally starting my ride back home across Europe and, if anything, the outdoors will be even less populated than normally, so it’s a GREAT time to explore those usually crowded attractions ;-)

And regarding sleeping, there’s no question I MYSELF don’t want to be near cities nor hospitals nor hostels/AirBnBs...the solution is both simple and magical:

Go Camping!

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The problem is not camping

The problem is not camping or not the problem is  the borders closure 

Danemark Poland slovakia Italia ......



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The problem is not camping 

The problem is not camping  or not the problem is  the borders closures 

Danemark Poland slovakia Italia ......



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Travel restrictions

Also keep in mind that in Italy (and Spain from Monday) there's travel restrictions. You can move only to go to work, buy food or medical needs. Similar travel restrictions might soon apply to other EU countries.

It's not only about not spreading the virus:

If have you an accident right now in northern Italy or around Madrid, you might not be able to receive medical attention, or if you receive you'll probably diverte precious resource from an health care system on the brink of collapsing.

I sincerely hope no other country gets to this point and you never have an accident but please take into account these are extraordinary circumstances and we need to act all with responsibility

#iorestoacasa (I stay at home)

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Wuhan Virus

I should have mentioned I was going to tour in the USA.  I wasn't thinking and can only imagine the problems in Europe with border crossings and the higher instance of infection.  My prayers go out to you and hope you can hit the road real soon.  I'm more of a social person.  The best part of my tours are the hosts who are so welcoming and enjoyable to know, so camping isn't on my big list.

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If I was afraid of accidents everytime I went traveling...

...I would never pick up my bike :-)

You say these are extraordinary circumstances, but they are not; we humans have always —and will always be— exposed to viruses and bacteria and...accidents.

What is extraordinary (in our lifetime — mind you, it has happened before) is Human Panic, which in my opinion is far more worrying than the virus. And Panic you combat with normality, not with paranoia and fear — but of course I’m not surprised governments are doing exactly that, and people following like sheep without thinking too much for themselves.

It is the times we live in and I accept your choice, but don’t ask not to question things because “the authorities say it is an emergency, we must follow everything they say” :-))

It is not different than thinking: “why should I cycle from Alaska to Ushuaia (or from home to the supermarket) if that means I could have an accident and need to receive medical attention when there are so many other people with more dangerous problems?”

Don’t worry, I have friends working in hospitals in Spain and they are the professionals deciding who is a priority to be treated :-)

I am also very curious to what kind of “border control” has been implemented between Germany-France or France-Spain, specially when I will be crossing through secondary roads or even dirt-tracks (planning to follow St. James Way / Camino de Santiago / Jakobsweg).

Just yesterday I spent 8 hours cycling and snacking in the awesome Taunus forest north of Frankfurt and let me tell you it was just perfect: really nice weather, only a few people with their dogs, no virus, no panic, no make your own conclusions ;-)

And to the OP: give camping a try, you might be surprised! :-D

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This is not about panic...

Javier my point is not about people panicking.

By traveling right now you are:

- possibly facing travel restrictions (with legal consequences, fines and/or prison time)

- add a chance to be an additional burden to the health system (ask your friends working in hospitals what's going on around Madrid and what they think of your idea of traveling by bike to Spain right now)

- and leat but not last possibly be infected / spread the Coronavirus (and being young is no guarantee, the so called patient zero in Italy is 38 years old and an athlete who had run a couple of marathons the month before, still he spent almost three weeks in coma).

This is the same kind of way of thinking ( "I'm not affected by it, I can do as I want because..." ) that have people that have been "escaping" from Madrid/Milan when the quarantine has been announced (and spreading the virus sigh). It's rather egoistic honestly.

As they say when you go climbing and you turn back just when the top of the mountain is in your reach: the mountain will be there tomorrow or next year. It takes a lot of courage and swollen pride to say also "Not this time", usually more than go climbing in the first place.

Anyhow call and have a chat with your friends working in hospitals in Spain so you understand what is going on better and you can take a informed decision.

Take care. The road will be there also tomorrow and next year!

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Start travelling in Summer - Corona

Hi there, 

i am kind of helpless right now. My Boyfriend and I planned a half - one year cycle trip through europe (or further) this year, startin in the end of June. We both quitted our Jobs for this. I know about the risks, and see all the boarder closures right now. What do you think, about postponing or not? Am I just too optimistic in thinking the main part will be over by summer? 
I know nobody can really answer this right now, but maybe you can share your plans?


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