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Bicycle Across America Happening NOW

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Bicycle Across America Happening NOW

New cycler biking across America to INSPIRE. Seeking: Riders/Places to sleep/Advice/New Friends
Hello, my name is Alan Barrett and, I am new to warm showers.
I was told by a new friend that the community is amazing! ^_^

I am going to bicycle across America
Florida to California ( Cost to Cost )
In order to inspire people to capture their dreams.

I am new to cycling but I want to prove that if there is a will there is a way!

Along the way I am going to produce a documentary.
Interview people, ride with people, and share experiences.
+ Ask some of the many age old questions.
Visit places the locals say are best and just enjoy the journey.

For me it's not a race to get from point a to point b as fast as possible, but instead enjoy it such as listening to music. =D

If you would like to learn more of what lead me up to these events I have produced a video:

To stay informed of where I am, see videos+Pictures, give advice etc...
Here is my Facebook:

Thank you for all feed back.

I am open to all advice.

As of right now I biked 1300
Have not used warm showers once!
I biked from Miami Florida to Tomball Texas

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Why no use of warmshowers?

Why no use of warmshowers? You're missing out on the best part of the journey, by not contacting like minded people.

Just look at the map 2-3 days ahead on your route, see who's in the area, message or call. If your route is planned well in advance, it wouldn't hurt to give a heads up a week beforehand. You don't have to give a specific day or time for arrival, but advance notice is always a good idea.

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