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Two week MTB tour to raise awareness for a rad cause

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Two week MTB tour to raise awareness for a rad cause

Hey folks!! Been on here for a while, first post. Might be kinda wordy so I'll try to be concise and get to the point :-D 


A year ago I found myself fighting for my life right in front of my son at teh hands of a deadly blood disorder. When I finally got to the hospital I had, statistically speaking, a zero percent chance of survival. The pulmonologist that worked with me in the critical care wing said it was likely being on a bicycle my whole life that kept my heart strong enough to keep beating and keep me alive while I fought to overcome what was happening (I have a thrombosis disorder (blood clotting). I had a 16" long clot in my calf with two full occlusions (zero blood flow), both of my lungs were packed with blood clots, and one full occlusion in a vein in my left lung). I obviously survived, and the experience inspired me to start a non-profit foundation for the support and advocacy of various clotting disorders. The foundation is called Fear Not The Clot, and we are in fact a recognized, official non-profit entity. 


On July 2nd my son and I will leave Ft Worth, Tx and embark on a two week destination tour to try and raise awareness for teh foundation. We'll stop first in Palo Duro canyon, then on to Angel Fire, NM. Then to Purgatory bike park in Durango, the Moab for The Whole Enchilada. The next stop will be Brian Head park in Utah before swinging east again and hitting Sedona on the way home. 


I'll put a link to the event so you can check out the dates and whatnot. We're fully prepared to camp the whole time but by all means we would not turn down an indoor night's sleep along the way! Two weeks on the road and a LOT of riding will be taxing for sure!

We'd love to see any and all of you folks while we're out there. We did set up a ticket system just to have a way to contact the people that might want to meet up. Tickets are FREE (but don't let me mislead you, they're not tickets to the paid venues), and you have the option to donate if you wish. Donations go 100% to the foundation, the tour comes entirely out of my pocket. 

Be safe, be well, be happy!!


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