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list/collection of bike bags for train transportation

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list/collection of bike bags for train transportation

Been searching for a simple bag to put in my disassembled touring or racebike. I’d like to have one that weights less than 3kg (7 pounds). Important is it has to be foldable and such that one can transport it on the bicycle.

It follows what my recherce on resulted in. I’d be happy to know about your experiences and recommendations.

foldable ”High Performance Nylon“
weight 790g
dimensions 170x120x20cm
including fork protrection
big zipper, carry over shoulder or in hand
price 99.90 CHF = 107 $ = 80 €
Swiss solution to bike transportation on train. Looks good, though too big for racebikes with disassembled wheels.

Bach Bike Protection Bag
Weight: 550 g
Bikesize: max. 19''/58 cm
Bagsize: 160 x 90 cm
Seems to be mainly to protect your trunk from dirt.

size 125 x 100 x 15 cm
weight 2,5 kg
price 60 €
found on german amazon:
Quite heavy, not clear if this is easily foldable.

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Groundeffects Tardis

I have used a Ground Effect Tardis bike bag on a number of occasions. It's a great bag. You have to remove both wheels and the rear derailleur but that doesn't take too long. The big advantage is the bag weighs less than 2kg and is easy to carry. It also folds up to be about the size of a ream of A4 paper. You can post the bag to your destination and pack the bike in it prior to flying home. Alternatively it sits easily on top of a rear rack.

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CTC plastic bike bag

I travelled from Australia to Paris and return in 2011 with my bike packed in a clear polythene bag supplied by the British Cyclists Touring Club (CTC). It worked fine.

No need to remove the front or rear wheel, although I had to remove the pedals and turn the handlebars to meet my airline's rules. The baggage handlers could easily see that it was a bike and loaded it carefully (I could see them doing it from the terminal at several locations).

The bag weighs about 800g and costs less than AUD$10.

I wrapped the bag in Fragile tape which I removed carefully at the destination. You could probably reuse the bag several times.

You can purchase them direct from the CTC or from Wiggle.

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