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50.000km - Germany to Japan in 3 to 5 years

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50.000km - Germany to Japan in 3 to 5 years

Hi there :)

its melli & Daniel here. We are cycling from germany to japan by bicycle. It will take about 3 to 5 years. We started 2019 and don't regret our decision to leave all behind...
So far we did netherlands, belgium, france, luxemburg, germany, Morocco, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and now Turkey.

You can follow our adventures on

We publish new Videos every Sunday!. The best things about our trip are the nice people we meet all around the world.

Do you have any questions for us? We would be happy to answer them, take a look at our social media channels:
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Adana ya bekliyorum

Daha önce ınstagram da konuşmuştuk. Misafir ederim.

Uluslar arası bisiklet elcisi olmaya devam ediyoruz. Bu günkü misafirlerimiz Polonya ve Fransız bisikletçiler. Dün gece Yumurtalık da Kemal Onar arkadaşımızın, bu gün de Adana da bizim misafirimiz oldular. Kahvaltı sonrası Mersin e doğru yolcu ettim. Mersin'den otobüsle İstanbul'a oradan da uçakla Fransa'ya dönüş yapacaklar.


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We get caught by the police

We get caught by the police in Africa, get caught by a sandstorm in Sahara, outdoor survival for more than one year, get married while couchsurfing and a lot more...
Fully subtitled in Turkish, German and English 

Morocco cycling adventure  20 episodes of outdoor survival cycling through Africa
We leave the cold and wet Europe and finally reach Morocco, where we cycle around for a while. In Fes we are tracked down by the police. We get married in Errachidia, Dani is getting sick and we take part in rural maroccan life. We cycle up morcoccan High Atlas and reach the ocean also. We cycle through Sahara and sleep in the desert.
And a lot more in 20 full translated episodes
Link to playlist