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5 years bicycle world trip - Germany to Japan with detours - also South America?

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5 years bicycle world trip - Germany to Japan with detours - also South America?
Hi there :)
We are Melli & Dani and we have been cycling the world since 2019. We quit our jobs, got rid of the apartment ... now we're on our bikes from Germany to Japan, with as many detours as possible. We want to be on the road for about 5 years, whereby our route becomes destination.
So far we have cycled through Europe, to the north of Africa and now arrived in Asia.
We want to encourage more people to use the bike instead of the car and make their dreams come true. We would be very happy if you would join us on our journey on We are constantly releasing new videos about our adventures. On our blog you can find our stories, pictures and lots of useful tips.
You can watch a short video about us and our bike world trip here:
Do you have any questions for us? We would be happy to answer them, take a look at our social media channels:
�️ Blog:
We have everything with us for 5 years to travel the world by bike. From � 45 ° C to -20 ° C, � both summer and winter clothing, ⚕️ medicine�, spare parts⚙️, tools�, groceries � for 4 days, laptop for work, solar panel to be independent of the grid ⚡ and so on. We try not to send packages � and therefore we have the equipment with us from the beginning. We do not have financially sponsorships or do "credit card travels" ��. We work while travelling � to earn money and get our food� partly from the dumpster of supermarkets. We don't sleep in hotels �️ and don't go to restaurants. We live on € 3 p.p. during the day (including insurance), sleep in a tent �️ or hammock and cook � every day on our own. Now you know a bit about the background � of our heavy loaded bikes� ��
We would be happy if you would join us and our bicycle world tour for the next 5 years on ❤️����
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