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Years of biking ahead of me

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Years of biking ahead of me


I will soon start a blog (currently some pages called the outdoor diabetic) and include some YouTube of my new big plan! To bike around the world (currently in planning) ... but I have seen many who take a traditional route so my plan is to ideally visit each continent and take my time to enjoy the culture and people I meet. I have travelled alone a lot, but I do prefer it with friendly company. If any of you want to join along please do! I would love it, just send a message or anything to let me know. I am creative, spontaneous and enjoy a very open mind and good humour... The start date for me is form the UK at the end of the lockdown when borders reopen (and post jab I guess). 

My take on this trip is to consider the environment, love the nature we have, and inspire others to take the leap and enjoy life away from the office if it is not your dream. I will send up videos as I get them, but I am no professional blogger, maybe this will be the experience to change that... or not... either way I hope to hear. 


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