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No gears guy

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No gears guy

I watch in awe how you all trek the most wild and remote places and cross entire continents. I love all the video's. I have been able to host a few of you wich has been an absolute pleasure.

My own adventures are a tiny bit smaller, my editing software is basic if not to say primitive and the picture quality is at best reasonable.
On top of that i ride a 60 year old bike with only one gear, and i have no gps, just an outdated map. But where i live, in the Netherlands, you can get away with that :) And i have great fun crossing my country and visiting the neighbors now and then.

In an attempt to show others how relaxing it is to slowtravel your own country, and how far you can get on an old bike, i sometimes make a bit of a video of it, and if you like you can see some of that here:

Hope to see you there or on the road. Bon voyage!

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