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Cycling around Himalaya

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Cycling around Himalaya

Hey Cyclists,
I'm thinking to cycling around Himalaya,Karakorom,Hindu Kush and Tianshan ranges for 6mounths.
would you please suggest me a rout along these areas?
where to start and where to finish my plan?
If you have any tips,any memories along this way or any Info/advice/recommendation let me know please.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
and I will be so thankful for taking the time and write for me.
A ton of positive energy and a big smile:D

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No idea?!!

No idea?!!

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Tour d`Himalaya

Depends at which time you want to start. In July/Aug. it`s rainy season in Pakistan. Hot and humid.
I`d start in May in Pakistan heading to China. Probably you`ll have snow at the pass. Then via Irkeshtam to Kirgistan and Pamir track in Tajikistan.

Alternative via Torugart to Kasachstan (not sure!). Don`t know if it`s recommendable to ride Fergana valley.

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@Peter:actualli I'm thinking

actualli I'm thinking to star from Kyrgyzstan and then Tajikstan,China,Pakistan,India,Nepal,China again and end my trip mybe in India or Bangladesh.
But seems the pass between china and Tajikestan has been closed for foreigners!
Do you know how can I pass the border between China and Pakistan via KKH? and is it safe?

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Safety Pakistan

Hi Aboo,

think so, you need a pak. visa before you arrive China. For Westerners it`s just available in their home countries.

Yes, there`s no border opened Tajikistan/China. You have to go to Kirgistan. Especially Irkeshtam is recommendable.

Think so KKH is pretty safe. Don`t stay overnight at the streets. Too dangerous cause there`s no place to pitch a tent. Ask at Restaurants, police stations and so on.

Be careful in India and some parts of Pakistan. The traffic is murderous.

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