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when replying to a WS request the SendMessage button is right next to the Clear button. you might spend 5-10 minutes composing a reply and if you're just a little off with your mouse or your finger your message goes poof into thin air and cannot be retrieved. Very frustrating!

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No Button

Hi Renzo - There isn't a button, there's just a link. Are you seeing something different? Since there's no button, we wouldn't expect people to make that mistake.

Here's what I see - is it the same as what you see?:

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i don't want to quibble over

i don't want to quibble over definitions.

yes what you see is what i see too.

but my issue is that the Clear "link" is right next to (and too close to) the Send Message "button". if you're doing the communication on a small screen or phone, it's way too easy to miss the button and hit the link which gets rid of the message that you have just spend time composing. it would be very easy to move the button and the link further apart so that would not happen. or if that is too difficult for the programmers, when the link is hit, you can ask "do you really want to clear this message from memory?"

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When I first heard this I was

When I first heard this I was going to get rid of the extra "button" immediately, but since it's a very innocuous link, it seems far less important. I assume you did hit it by accident, but we've never had another complaint. This is a pretty standard way of presenting a "cancel" action, and it would be very unusual for users to mistake these.

I'm still in agreement that the cancel link is probably not useful at all.