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giving negative feedback

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giving negative feedback

While the vast majority of my stays with Warm Showers hosts have been fantastic, I've had one or two negative/neutral experiences. I know that the mandate of this site is to report these as well as positive experiences in the feedback section, but that's tough to do. It would feel very ungrateful and rude to post anything but positive feedback for a host! Is there any way this problem could be resolved? For instance, perhaps there should be a way to post negative feedback anonymously? Of course, that wouldn't completely solve the problem -- the host could likely determine who posted the comment -- but it would be a start!

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It is a conundrum, isn't it?

It is a conundrum, isn't it? But would you trust feedback that was delivered anonymously? We occasionally have people who get all up in arms about something that most people would take in stride. Would you want them able to blast somebody with no accountability?

However, it's a valid conundrum, and if anybody comes up with a good solution we're open.

Note in the FAQ on problems with members though that we can go much farther for serious incidents. But the majority of things are just "didn't show up" or "Wasn't really as neat as I'd like" which certainly don't require anything but feedback.

-Randy webmaster

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Randy -- more than that

Foreign guy travelers whizzing in circles on the seat in a females hosts house ranks right up there. I sit down to freakin do my business and ewwwe. Really?? I mean GD REALLY??? I feed em dinner and breakfast, miss my train because they left late, give a clean bed, a shower a nice safe place to park their bikes and offer/provide free food for their bike trip for the next three days, help carry their gear in the house... and I get a total whiz on the seat? Any questions as to who, just go on and check who I last hosted in August 2013 which will be posted shortly. That's how you do anonymous.

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You did anonymous... but the

You did anonymous... but the people who will next need the information won't get it. Because they'll never see (or remember) this posting.

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