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Need Help Mapping My Bike Route

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Need Help Mapping My Bike Route

I've been hosting for over a year now and want to start with a day trip that tons of cyclists have done and I'll be damned if I can find the route from Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County) to San Elijo Campground (Cardiff by the Sea/Encinitas) which is supposedly a hiker biker campsite. Can anyone help? I'm also wondering if its fairly easy to get a place to stay in this campground.

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I've become committed to as the website to go to for mapping bike rides. I think it's easily worth it to become a "premium" member so you can get their excellent cue sheets and a couple other advantages. I don't know your area whatsoever, but here's what the mapping lays down as a bike route:

Of course, they can't tell you which route is really best, which has the best traffic pattern, best views, best balance of climbing vs distance, etc. For that, you need local knowledge, either your own or from others. It's just a good site to map the route you decide on, examine it for distance and points you want to route through, and create a cue sheet (or, these days, export to your GPS).

You might try Warm Showers members close to your destination for info regarding the camping -- also, you might want to join the touring cyclists google group; there, you can reach thousands of bike tourists, some of whom are bound to know something of value --!forum/bicycletouring


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bike trip

Hola Jamie....well you have already plenty of info. from other memebers......also you can try for yourself to do your own route.
That's what I do most of the times.
For me is more fun...
Like try to get your regular map quest map in the internet.
I said that the route has to be according to your plans,like how long(time ) you have to do the trip,you like wild camping? like more views w/climbing? like more intereacting with other cilcists or people in the road? like more travel with not to much luggage? like to to try something real different as usual?..
why this particular area to biking?....
you are so close to other areas real nice to biking,maybe even Baja,from san diego to Ensenada,or from Rosarito to Ensenada...
well there is plenty of things to consider for a bike trip..
Regarding to your perticular trip ,thinking that your plan is for the weekend only.,the easier way is, get to the classic HWY 1,then go to your camping place you said.
For a tent,there is alltime a place in any campground.
For further and more detailed route in this area please let me know your plan.
good trip

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Thanks for all the help. My concern is getting through San Clemente and Camp Pendleton Marine base. The maps all show going inland, which I know is uphill and unnecessary. I did email those who have gone before, but haven't heard back. But you gave me the idea of calling a San Clemente bike shop - so thanks for that!! I'll keep looking

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