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guarding your bike!

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guarding your bike!

my bike was stolen tonight in VILINUS Lithuania. I had it double locked on a secure second floor balcony in a private court yard .. there was no access except through a door that required a code ! so what can one do my ride is over.... breige rendell new zealand any ideas .. accepted

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Life is full of gain and loss, who does know which one is better

Hi Breige
accept my sympathy for your loss.
Thieves or what they do is one of painful Life's truths. we should do a lot to handle it but there are a lot more which have an impact on the observable result in the end.
hope you find your bike or a better one or anything which is appropriate for you. I am sure you will find

for reminding other fellow cyclists and sharing our thought I add two items:
1-do not forget that thieves exist!(and some of them are not fool in their field of activity)
2-help each other to defend against thieves. It can be done by telling the story of robbery which happened. victim narration with detail related specifications such as lock brand and how it disabled, time, place, probable trick which thief used ,and ... are better

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travelers -- LOL

I've had recent travelers who wanted to sleep with their bikes to which I said no but they were okay leaving them in the living room after a beer.

I have had other travellers who casually placed them outside without locks which made even me nervous for them.

A cheap bike is in order to keep going on your trip. Trip insurance can reimburse you for loses sometimes and who knows, if you bought the bike and gear on credit card, they may reimburse too?

Best of luck

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Sorry to hear of your loss. This not only ruins your trip, but leaves a nasty feeling that will stick with you. Some home insurance policies cover loss of personal items when traveling, including bicycles. So what will you do?

For some cycle-tourists, it helps not to have a flashy ride. My bicycle is badly in need of a new paint job - there are no decals on it to identify the make. When I do repaint it, it will be multi-color and amateur-looking. In big cities, I have been known to separate the front wheel from the frame to make it less appealing. My tent/sleeping bag/mattress, which would cost me $400 to replace, are often rolled in shabby-looking ground plastic. Dirty socks on top might also make it look less appealing.

Good luck.

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