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How much money should I save for a Northern tier crossing of the US

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How much money should I save for a Northern tier crossing of the US

I don't plan to cook at all and would camp some, WARMSHOWERS often and hotel or hostel. Just looking for a ballpark number for cost. Traveling from east to west in about 3 months.

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How much money

My wife and I did the southern tier except for Fla. We stayed in motels and only 3 nights at warmshowers hosts. Did 40-70 miles a day. Over the six weeks we spent about 6 grand. Camping off the side of the road was not an option with her. It's a good way to spend my kids inheritance.

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Northern Tier Crossing and funding...

Lisa, Seems you are a neighbor of mine since I am staying at present just on west side of Augusta, ME Airport.

If you do not plan to camp much and only occasionally WS stay it is going to cost $35-50 per day minimum. Food and camping will cost $25+ per day minimum.

You are planning on departing now and spending 3 months crossing or are beginning your Northern Tier crossing in 3 months. When I first read your post I thought you might not "get it" about winter weather up next to the Canadian border. I can not envision a winter Northern Tier.

Rode the Northern Tier Right to left in 2006. Lots of camping and some meals at campsite.

Happy trails...

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Northern Tier

Hi -- I just rode the portion from Windsor Canada to Bar Harbor and averaged about $40 a day -- Camping was expensive! In one place I paid $38! And, loved the ride! Happy trails! Oh -- there is a great YWCA in Bar Harbor -- I stayed two nights!

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expenses for Northern Tier.

My wife Julie and I average $50/day for our 4 trips. Each of those tours were 21-24 days, we rarely used motels (a total of 4 times), we cooked all of our dinners except for about 4 and we probably go out for breakfast 3-4 times per trip. So we travel rather frugally. You will spend nearly the same as a single as we do as a couple. Cooking for one is hard, so you may find yourself eating more prepared food than we do such as from the deli, thus more expense. Then there are incidentals, such as bike repair, laundry, perhaps some entertainment. Plan high, better to have a little too much than not enough. On our last 3 week trip in JUly of this year we spent an extra $300+ due to a wheel replacement, Canadian Parks passes and very pricey food in the tourist areas.

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Just finished the north

Just finished the north route, now i'm onto the south. To be safe, I'd bring 4-5 grand. If you decide to cook and do more guerrilla camping, then 2-3 grand. keep in mind bike repairs can get expensive, i'd brush up on your maintenance skills just to be safe. A camping stove/fuel will save you lots of money.

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