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Atravesar Europa hasta la India

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Atravesar Europa hasta la India

¡Hola a Todos!

Estoy preparando un viaje e ideando una ruta hasta donde se puede llegar a preparar "algo largo" en bicicleta.

Veo que atravesar Europa y llegar a Turquía para luego ir hasta la India, es ahora en estos momentos DIFÍCIL.

La situación es complicada.

¿Qué ruta puede ser viable?

sabiendo que Afganistan y Pakistan en estos momentos es algo imposible.


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Hello, if you pass by, there is always complete security, but you should be careful about the weather, because it is cold in the northern parts of the country and hot in the south. I will be your host in Tehran. But Pakistan and Afghanistan are not suitable for crossing at all. They will kill you.From the south of Iran, you can go to Dubai or Oman, Bahrain by ship or plane, and then to India.

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Thank You Saeed!

Thank You for you feedback. The problem are Pakistan and Afghanistan yes!

I´m planing to do the travel with electric-bike, and is not possible to take a airplane from Teheran to New Delhi in a bike with electric batery... this is the point!

I will change the bike hehehe

Thank You for invited me.

Rafa García.