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Regions and municipalities in Denmark

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Regions and municipalities in Denmark

I'm a bit puzzled about the choices given for "state/province" in my profile. Might be the old structure with counties?
Since 2007 Denmark has been divided into five main regions. Each with its own municipalities.
A wee list here on Wiki:


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On an aside it did cause

On an aside it did cause quite a few problems when the number of municipalities were reduced by merging 2-3 into larger units. The ones with money promptly blew most of them on dumb things like renovating their town hall or in the case of mine publishing a free book for all its citizens and throwing a big party at the local fairground. They didn't want the other municipalities getting their grubby hands on "their" cash. Luckily this was in 2007 just before the financial crisis really hit in 2008. Yay! And unfortunately by 2008 noone could afford the bullets to shoot the fools.

Another effect is harmonizing costs. Which usually means upping the prices of childcare etc. to the rates of the most expensive municipality before the merger. So not all happy times.

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