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Sleeping Bag or Blanket Ideas?

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Sleeping Bag or Blanket Ideas?

I have been cold and miserable on some bike tours.  Some of my friends use small blankets to sleep in.  Of course, the smaller the more easy to pack, the better.  What do you use to sleep in? 

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not sure if you are still interested, but here goes: I use a triple layer system. A thermal sleeping bag liner such as the Sea To Summit Sleepliner Reactor Extreme, a down sleeping bag, and a small (approx 1.8 x 1.2 m) light weight down-filled duvet, which i actually found in a normal bedding shop. The duvet simply lies over the bag on colder nights. The system is not ultra light, but they all pack pretty small, and not being one bulkier item it is easier to find place for them in the bags. I love the sysytem because it gives me great flexibilty; as some nights can be a lot colder than others where I live. Also make sure your mattress has a good R rating. I hate being cold at night, and I feel the cold easily, but this works pretty good for me. Down to a degree or two above freezing I can basically sleep in a T shirt, as I don't like sleeping in sweaty clothes!


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Here are my tips in addition

Here are my tips in addition to the ones mentioned earlier.

When my hips start feeling the chill, I've got this trick – I wear a padded vest inside my sleeping bag. I wear it like pants, essentially upside down.

And if my feet need some warming up, I zip up a jacket over the lower part of my sleeping bag.

Before I dive into the sleeping bag I do something to get muscles warmed up. Skipping that step would result me crawling into bag with too many clothes. The outcome? Sweating, a damp sleeping bag, and a shivery wake-up call in the early morning.