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Found a company for insurance on a long trip (hopefully 2 years).

Guess this one will suit me as a Dane. I found more just for UK-residents though.

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Details? Cost? I searched in

Details? Cost?

I searched in vain for insurance to cover me for a 6 months tour in Asia and found it far too expensive. It worked out to more than the cost of the flights I had booked. No wonder so few people have insurance for cycle tours.
Insurance for less than a month cycling in Europe is cheap enough. However I already have that kind of cover via my current account.

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A 6 month trip in Asia for a

A 6 month trip in Asia for a UK-resident under 60 comes to 255 pounds far as I can tell from the calculatorthingie.

But why are you miffed at me? I just shared a link,
because I've searched for insurance for my two year trip.
Its not like I work for them or get percentages.
Also the conditions and stuff covered differs depending on nationality.
As a Dane I get a different range of options.

And as I said I found more companies that cater only to UK-residents when searching.
But as I'm not one they are of little interest to me.

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Thanks. Apologies Mikael if

Apologies Mikael if you took my response as pointed in any respect. It was not intended in any way and a simple question regarding the amount it cost you... nothing more.

Talking specifically about cycling insurance:

I too spent (too much) much time examining the options. I opted for no travel insurance beyond the month provided gratis by my bank ( I am in the UK). Luckily they also provide worldwide theft /damage 'phone and 'gadget' insurance without further cost.

I feel the cost via the current providers is quite high for anyone on a tight budget. For long trips it becomes a relative cost that factors in to the initial outlay. For me it is too much! I recall reading a recent survey that showed a large number of long term cycle tourists do not have travel insurance of any kind.
The advice to make use of the protection that credit cards provide for certain purchases (ie. flights) is good. For trips of less than a month it is worth checking with banks as they can often offer a better deal than dedicated insurance companies.

On a slightly different subject the premiums on cycle insurance per se in the UK is prohibitively high especially on multiple bicycles. It can easily cost over £200 a year for a family household. The best way is to get cover via house insurance. Some policies already cover bicycles. However it is worthwhile to check the small print and if necessary have cycles itemised and added separately to the policy schedule.

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Ah okay. Sometimes hard to

Ah okay. Sometimes hard to catch the tone when writing.

As for me I mostly want insurance in case of sudden illness or an accident when on tour.
I've read plenty of horror stories about people stranded helpless
in hospitals in Abroadistan due to lack of insurance.

For my trip that will mean an expense of 2300 euros or so. Quite a bit of money,
but peanuts compared to the bill I'd get if I fell ill in for instance the US.

Bikes are usually insured via Homeowners insurance here in Denmark.
Since I own a couple of recumbents I had the amount covered raised
for a small premium raise. But luckily nowhere near 200 pounds...


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Maybe helpful for other

Maybe helpful for other cyclists:

Shane's blog detailed in a the forum below provides a good guide with links regarding long term insurance:

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