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Cuba: Tips for Touring!

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Cuba: Tips for Touring!

Hi there! I have plans to do a month-long tour in Cuba starting on 11/16/2013. We will be flying from Toronto to Holguin, Cuba. We are two female cyclists in our early 20s who have both completed month-long tours before. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips, advice, stories, or experiences that they would want to share about touring in Cuba, or flying to Cuba from Canada or another third country.

What sort of bike supplies are available in Cuba?
What is buying food like in Cuba?
What kind of currency is best to use?
What is it like to fly into Cuba from Canada?
What is it like to fly into and out of Cuba with a bike?
What is the best way to not stick out as an awkward white foreigner?
Is it possible to use a cell phone there (Verizon)?
Any specific gear that would be really useful?

Any tips or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi Liz

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have a good ride

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Cuba travel

Hi Liz,
I was there two years ago with my husband. We arrived in Havanna by plane and went by bus to Holguin. From there we made a trip by bike around: Mayari, Moa, Baracoa, Guantanamo, Santjago y Holguin.
It took us almost two weeks.
I will write you my impression

Bikes: we rented bikes there but from a german company- in cuba its not very easy to find bikes with the standard we are used to.
Food: is very good- mostly we ate in the casa particulares- there we slept also.
Withe foreigner: actually I thought the trip we made would be more frequented- but by bike we were all the way long the only tourists- so how not to stick out?! But I think it's easy compared with other countrys- as the people are very friendly and open and seem to be happy to have contact with us.

Parts of the streets are rather bad- but as there is mainly just one street its easy to not get lost!

I wish you a nice trip!


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Cuba cell phone

Liz, I would assume that Verizon being an American company can not legally operate in Cuba, every post I have seen from Verizon customers in Cuba seems to confirm this.

Checking the various forums I see the following technical information

GSM - 900 mhz
CDMA - not supported
TDMA - not supported

you can buy an unlocked 900mhz phone on craigslist or amazon or you probably buy a cheap phone when you arrive. buy your SIM card when you arrive, it will cost much less.


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