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Europe-tour starting aug/sep 2023

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Europe-tour starting aug/sep 2023


Next summer I finally want – after many years counting down – to set off for my dream; explore the world by bicycle. I would very much like to do this in the company of other like-minded souls so I’m launching a small appeal. Specifically, I would like to leave Belgium in August/September 2023 to cross Europe by bicycle and possibly explore Morocco by bicycle in the winter months.

I am 22 years old and will finish my studies as a social-cultural worker in June next year. I also like nature, exercise, healthy & tasty food/cooking (mainly plant-based), sports, yoga, volunteering, ecology, etc. I especially want to enjoy the cycling journey, so I’m not really into road racing or so. That can mean that on a good day I cycle 100 km and on another day maybe only 15 km. I would also love to discover some off-road parts! My trip will be low budget.

I am looking for people with a similar mindset/age who have a similar plan next year or who can find themselves in my plans (that are flexible).

Feel free to message me if you have a question/proposal!

See you on the road,


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We have a similar dream I see.
I've done multiple long term bike trips but until now, I always find shelter for winter. At th moment I'm in southern France.
I have a aproximate plan for circleling the mediterannean sea and visiting eastern Europe.
At the same time, I'm still wondering about setting my root somewhere.
So, I may be in company.
Looking forward to share some hobo dreaming :)