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"un-responsive" members ....

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"un-responsive" members ....

I have no idea where to post this observation .... (I find the structure of the Forums somewhat confusing & visually cluttered )

By chance, i have just "browsed" several member profiles in my own city, at random, and *each* had a *low* "responsiveness" score. I doubt that is accurate, as the members seem enthusiastic ( but who really knows ..?)

Is there away to determine the general level of response, and if ( as I suspect) it is "low", is it doing any good, is it worthwhile keeping ? One possible explanation is, that is not easy to see on one's own profile ( against a blue background, I think ?)

FWIW : I have found it less easy than to navigate the Forums *back* to my own posts (as for others' posts..) ....a "My Posts" Tab at the profile page would be sooo good ...for the moment, I have placed a "url key" on my own profile : ugly, but I hope functional.
Another idea for Feedback ; the FB presently lists Member Name [only]. it would be great if it listed "place" too : " Paris" "New York" , "Twin Peaks " " Little Rock" etc.... this is fairly conventional in "Testimonials", which is what FB is , after all, to my mind it looks slightly odd without ....

I realise of course that every change involves a huge volunteer effort in coding....

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Its not really working as

Its not really working as intended I think...

I recently asked a fellow member here a question via message. Not about hosting me.
Got a reply back. Nothing that I needed to reply to. And voila... 75% responsiveness.

Do enough of those and your responsiveness percentage will obviously be low.


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The calculation is explained

The calculation is explained right there on every page: The number of messages received that get a response is how it's done. (This doesn't count messages after a thread has started, just the initial message.)

So somebody who always answers the initial message will have 100%.

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Well, yes. But if the bloke I

Well, yes. But if the bloke I wrote to doesn't reply to my original message,
but just sends me a new one with the reply, my responsiveness ratio will drop.
Cause I'm not going to reply to someone just to keep it at 100. :-)

Since I intiated the thread he either did as described above or theres a bug.

But as long as peoples ratios are not zero I guess theres hope of an answer.
Or just don't put too much faith in numbers.

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Just respond with a "thank

Just respond with a "thank you". That way you're polite and your responsiveness ratio won't drop. Win-win.

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Thank you.

Thank you.

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Down to 60%. How loooow can I

Down to 60%. How loooow can I go?
But not replying to borderline spam. Not even with a Thank you. :)

Perhaps change it so it only flags accounts that have a really low percentage?
Like under 10% or similar? Right now it's still a bit misleading IMHO.

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Please do reply to every request

We ask people to reply to every request. If you're afraid one is spam, report it to us and we'll boot them right out of there. We do our best to make sure that only legitimate people are on here, and members should do their best to make sure of that as well.

If you don't want to open the email, click the link to go to the site and answer it there. Just say "No, sorry, can't host" or "No, sorry, don't host people ... your policy here...". You'll have 100%. They'll get the message.

You can still reply that way to messages you received in the past.

-Randy Webmaster

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Its not requests for hosting

Its not requests for hosting though. Of course I reply to those.

But talking to fellow members here or someone plugging a national event
is not something I'm always going to reply to just to keep 100%.

Not a big deal if people don't read too much into responsiveness ratio.


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We do ask members not to use

We do ask members not to use messaging to plug events, but for hospitality-related things. So ask them not to do it. WS is for hospitality :-) We occasionally have reports of this and ask the person to stop. The forums are OK for it, private messaging is not.

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this reply is about your first sentence (I have no idea...).
lately I have been reorganizing the forums. and made some changes in them.
I reduced number of similar titled forums. I thought this way user has less difficulty to choose the right one.

if the main purpose of this post is discussing about "responsiveness" feature then we can place it in "website help and support" because it is about website features.
if you propose or ask for a new feature you can post it in "wish list" forums .wish list is a sub-forum related to "website help and support"

anyway, If you've got any suggestion about organizing the forums, please kindly post it in .

now ,I am going to move this post to "Website help and support" forum.

best regards,
the life

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I have also noticed that my 'responsiveness' is 50% although I always answer an contact. I think if the person contacting you gives a phone number and you reply by phone or text, then you get a 'non-responsive' result as you didn't use the WS site.
Probably makes the responsiveness value worthless as an indicator. I will ignore it anyway unless someone has had tens of requests and not replied.

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