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Cycling Japan, cape to cape, April-July 2023

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Cycling Japan, cape to cape, April-July 2023

I’ll be setting off to Japan in mid-April 2023 with the intention of cycling from Cape Sata, Hokkaido, to Cape Soya, Kyushu – the southernmost point of the main islands to the northernmost point. It's my first proper foreign cycle tour and I look forward to seeing a lot more of the country. A lot of wildcamping and hostels currently planned, and hopefully some WS hosts if possible. I speak some Japanese and have visited the country as a short-term tourist before.

Any advice or experience, specific to Japan or generally, would be very welcome.

I'm going to try to keep a blog about the trip here - I hope to write more in detail about the gear I’m bringing, how it works out, the apps and gadgets (as well as home comforts) I’ve chosen to take, as well as the trip itself on a weekly basis.

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