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"defective" Profiles, containing errors etc...

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"defective" Profiles, containing errors etc...

I wonder, what is the accepted protocol for "reporting" a member's profile, when it contains defective information ...?

These come to my attention when I occasionally browse the listings, usually on behalf of a current Guest planning thier onward travel.

The usual defects are : erroneous location; incomprehensible telephone contact; some other typo or mis-transcription. In one sense, these don't matter - except they can make contacting the member more difficult than it need be, especially for Foreigners un-familiar with local systems etc.

My most recent case, was of a Australian member with an ( apparently) non-Australian phone number. A Guest can call that number, but the call might be expensive. Suffice to say, that's not a very common practice here in Australia, so I suspect a mis-transcription.

Options are :
1. report to WS Central Command
2. contact the member direct....

I have done both before, but :
re WS Command : the staff there may not be familiar with the local issue/s involved ...apart from being busy !
re member contact : many members seem to interpret any WS contact except by a potential Guest to be ....unwelcome, I guess.

I don't know if there is an answer here, but as always I'm interested in your experiences. In fact, I am always interested in anything WS members want to tell me, not that they have very much ...

Cheers / BF

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Personally I'd not mind being

Personally I'd not mind being contacted if I made a booboo in my profile
that makes it harder for people to come and stay at my place.
After all thats one of the major reasons I joined. To host people.

I have asked another member about advice via messages
and gotten a very very curt answer. So I guess we're all different. ;)

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We at Warmshowers World

We at Warmshowers World Headquarters are in fact pretty ignorant of world standards about phone numbers and such. However, we do not police these things unless there is a problem involved.

You are welcome to contact us via the contact form.

Normally member contacts via messaging is reserved for issues of hospitality. It's OK to do this but please remember that nobody likes or needs criticism, and they may not actually care if their profile is not quite correct. So please keep it very light and don't become the policeman for Australia.

There are occasionally people who don't understand that their "location" is meant to be their home location where they will (eventually) offer hospitality. And there are occasionally people who don't properly mark themselves as "not currently available" when they're traveling. These two things can make for bad phone numbers. (We are working on an initiative to make the "not currently available" marking be more obvious and better maintained.)

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Adding the +45 to my phone

Adding the +45 to my phone number makes sense, as people may be calling from abroad
to meet my 2 day advance notice requirement. Denmark isn't that big a country after all.
But if you're living on a whopping big continent out in the middle of the ocean
like Australia it might not be needed.

(I have now changed it to one day but still...)