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"defective" Profiles, containing errors etc...

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"defective" Profiles, containing errors etc...

I wonder, what is the accepted protocol for "reporting" a member's profile, when it contains defective information ...?

These come to my attention when I occasionally browse the listings, usually on behalf of a current Guest planning thier onward travel.

The usual defects are : erroneous location; incomprehensible telephone contact; some other typo or mis-transcription. In one sense, these don't matter - except they can make contacting the member more difficult than it need be, especially for Foreigners un-familiar with local systems etc.

My most recent case, was of a Australian member with an ( apparently) non-Australian phone number. A Guest can call that number, but the call might be expensive. Suffice to say, that's not a very common practice here in Australia, so I suspect a mis-transcription.

Options are :
1. report to WS Central Command
2. contact the member direct....

I have done both before, but :
re WS Command : the staff there may not be familiar with the local issue/s involved ...apart from being busy !
re member contact : many members seem to interpret any WS contact except by a potential Guest to be ....unwelcome, I guess.

I don't know if there is an answer here, but as always I'm interested in your experiences. In fact, I am always interested in anything WS members want to tell me, not that they have very much ...

Cheers / BF

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Personally I'd not mind being

Personally I'd not mind being contacted if I made a booboo in my profile
that makes it harder for people to come and stay at my place.
After all thats one of the major reasons I joined. To host people.

I have asked another member about advice via messages
and gotten a very very curt answer. So I guess we're all different. ;)

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