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Cycling around Netherlands

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Cycling around Netherlands

Hi, Husband and I arriving in Amsterdam in Sept and plan to cycle around the Netherlands for a month before returning to Australia. We can't bring our bikes and panniers from Australia so will need to hire or purchase when we arrive.
We've googled bike hire in Amsterdam and it gets quite expensive when hiring for 30 days. (Bike, panniers and Insurance)
Are there any suggestions for cheaper options? Would we be better off buying a secondhand bike and panniers?
Our accommodation on arrival is in the Haarlem district so any suggestions in that area would be appreciated.
Many thanks ,

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I think most rental bikes in Amsterdam are intended for a short periode, and not for tracking.
I have not tried this before… but when googling I noticed this tracking bike rental. Ok it is not in Amsterdam but you van take the train to Deventer and a bus to Gorsel is you wanted.
In Amsterdam I found this, you probably already found this one yourself;)

I am not sure it these price are within your budgets and what you would consider expensive.

Maybe you can find a private rental via Peerby
If you want to look into second hand bikes you can check Marktplaats, but you have to be careful to to get scammed when it comes to bikes, sometimes they were stolen before offered as second hand.
Maybe the bike shop Vakantiefietser in Amsterdam have tips for you if you ask them.
All the best

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Visiting from Australia

Thank you for response and the information. We will investigate both websites that you suggested.
We have thought about buying bikes from Marktplaats but like you mention you run the risk of them being stolen. We might try and buy 2nd hand from a retail store and see if they will buy back when we've finished.

Kind regards,