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Search tips and advices : tour from Brussels to Siena with EURO5 in may 2024

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Search tips and advices : tour from Brussels to Siena with EURO5 in may 2024

My husband and I (64, 63) plan to go from Brussels to Siena in may 2024
We never have done such a long trip even if we are in good shape. We are looking for information, experience, advices.
Crossing the Alps : how difficult ? do we need electric cycles ? how many km/day; where sleeping ?
everything is welcome

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Since I live in Switzerland,

Since I live in Switzerland, I can give you some input regarding the Swiss part of your trip:

Crossing the Alps is not too difficult. I am about your age and in good shape and I would plan two or three days from Lucerne to Bellinzona (Gotthardpass). Gotthardpass is closed during winter, it usually opens during the second half of May. There is a railway tunnel in case the pass is closed or you don't want to do the climb.

You definitely do not need electric bicycles for the Swiss part of your trip.

I think it's impossible to give you advice with regard to how far you can go in a day. Some people may do 200 km per day or more, others do 30 km. It not only depends on your fitness but also how much time you want to spend having a coffee in a nice bakery, visiting a castle along your route, going for a swim in a river or a lake etc.

For sleeping you have many options: There is an abundance of Warmshowers hosts, you could stay in hotels or on campgrounds, if you want to bring a tent. What you decide to do will obviously have a huge impact on which gear you will need to bring, and this in turn will influence how far you can comfortably travel in one day.